Authentic travel experiences with a positive impact

In Routes for good, we connect local tour guides and their communities with travellers who wish to live an authentic experience with positive impact.

We create 100% personalized, authentic and responsible travel experiences, based on the principles of sustainable tourism and focusing on community (community-based tourism).

The UN estimates that for every 100$ spent on tourism in developing countries, only 5$ actually stay in the local economy.

Our mission

We believe that travelling has unique power to make our world a better place.

We aid

our partners who are paid fairly and in a transparent way with 100% of the reward they ask for their services.

We support

the local community and the environment through responsible choices on accommodation, food, activities and purchases during travel.

We enhance

knowledge and we raise awareness around social and environmental issues faced by the destinations we visit, while making a tangible contribution to their resolution.

We promote

a different, authentic, responsible and sustainable way of travelling that may contribute positively to the development of the destinations we visit.

Why travel with us

100% of your money stays in local economy

In Routes for good, we design our routes in such a way to ensure that 100% of your travel money will go directly to the people with whom we cooperate, thus supporting them and their families.

A completely personalized experience

At your travel destination, a friend who wishes to offer you a unique experience, and not just a faceless tour guide, will be waiting for you! Together, we will plan your travel based on time available, budget, preferences and number of travellers. The same flexibility will accompany us throughout the travel, by adjusting it as needed and for as long as it is required!

You support the community and the environment

We choose eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations that adopt responsible practices; we cooperate with women’s cooperatives and community groups; we visit small local corporations that implement wildlife protection and local community empowerment programmes.

Genuine connection with locals

During your travel, you come to substantial contact with people in remote destinations that we visit, having the unique opportunity to become a part of them and to experience their culture and their habits in the most authentic way.

An experience away from mass tourism

Our activity covers regions outside the usual tourist route. This gives us the opportunity to live unprecedented and authentic experiences in less developed and hard-to-reach places that welcome only a few tourists, thereby making our travel even more impactful for us and the local community.


Experience Kenya far away from the touristic routes and the crowds of the South. We focus on the authentic and least visited Northern part of this amazing country, offering a unique route that you will remember forever! 

Northern Kenya


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Northern Kenya

The awakening trip!

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Cost: 1.290€ per person Number of participants: 6 persons (over 16 years old)

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Older travelers and our current friends, share a few words about their experience!

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