A magnificent country endowed with stunning landscape diversity, well-known and popular for its famous national parks with the unique wildlife, the lakes in the south and the snow-capped mountains, the vast beaches with emerald waters lapped by the Indian Ocean and the Maasai culture. Even if all of the above make up the mainstream route of visitors to Kenya, we invite you to live an off the beaten path once-in-a-lifetime experience in Northern Kenya.

If you are ready to experience an adventure in one of the most unexplored, wild and least visited parts of Africa, do not hesitate to tour with us the lands of Samburu, Turkana, Rendille people and of other traditional Kenyan tribes!

And if you are not already thrilled with all this, a little boat ride to the largest desert lake in the world will make you feel that you are on the moon or on an alien planet rather than on Earth.

We are talking about Lake Turkana, which along with its adjacent national parks, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with no doubt whatsoever, one of the highlights of this trip!

However, apart from the beautiful scenic landscapes and the wildlife that captivate travellers, what makes our experience deeply authentic and genuine is the connection with locals.

With Joseph, a genuine Samburu man born and bred on the land we are going to roam, as a tour guide, you will have the unique opportunity to visit traditional, tribal villages of indigenous Kenyan people, to find warm hospitality in their homes, to cook with them, to discuss their life, their problems and their children’s dreams with them.

Joseph is not just your tour guide in Kenya; he is your local friend who knows every inch of this place better than anyone and who will try his best to make your every wish come true!

If what you’re looking for is to live an authentic adventure in the center of the Earth leaving a positive footprint in this magical place, then you’re in the right place!

Why doing good?

We choose only small, local, family businesses

We support community programmes

women’s cooperatives and local corporations that deal with social and environmental issues in the region through their action.

We come closer to local people

with respect for their culture, their morals and their environment.

We support the Community-based Organization

(CBO) that we have founded in Baragoi, aiming at empowering the community, investing our profits and other funding resources.

Our Kenya route

After exploring ourselves the Samburu, Turkana and Rendille land for days, we are proud to have created a unique route! An immersive, impactful, authentic and off-the-beaten path route that our previous travelers have named “The Awakening Trip”

Discover why!

The awakening trip!

Northern Kenya

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