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A trip to Madagascar turned out to be an unforgettable travelling experience. On one hand there was this magnificent island with its unparalleled beauty landscapes and its wonderful people and on the other hand there was Fabrice, a stunning, charismatic tour guide, highly knowledgeable and above everything an amazing, warm person. I highly recommend an authentic adventure in enchanting Madagascar with Fabrice as tour guide! It will be a guaranteed unique and unforgettable experience!


Words are so difficult to describe this trip… You feel like you travel at the centre of the earth. It's an existential journey where you remember what really matters. Amazing sceneries at Turkana Lake. Our guide Joseph from Samburu tribe showed us all the hidden beauties and made this experience an immersion into the local culture. And most of all we made a new good friend. I will never forget the songs of the children from El Molo tribe. This trip is a journey to your roots. Discover your "roots" for good. Responsible travel without mediators. The whole experience is the real thing; it's a feeling, the core.


We went on a family trip to Madagascar and we had the best time ever with our tour guide Fabrice. He has a great personality, very funny, very competent and a great company. He has attention to detail to make sure that he could provide anything we might need. There is always solution to a problem. We had a very good time in the car, singing and laughing. During thoses 2 weeks a deep friendship was develop and Fabrice will forever hold a special place in our heart.
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Genevieve Duplain