Tempted by our routes and our philosophy, but still having doubts and concerns? We are here to help you!

If there is a question on your mind that we have not covered here, do not hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]

Are your trips scheduled on specific dates?

We offer both small-group trips on specific dates and private trips that are fully personalized and customized.

How many persons can travel in your routes?

The maximum number of participants in our group trips is only 6, so that we preserve the intimate and personalized character that we wish our travels to have. As regards to the private trips, there is no limitation in the number of persons. Flexibility characterizes our trips, meaning that they can be organized to serve even a large group of people who wish to travel together. 

Can I travel with you if I am a solo traveler?

Of course! Our partners are the most suitable and reliable company for people who travel alone and can offer them a unique and safe experience.

What is the cost of your trips?

The cost of the trip depends on the duration, the destination, the route and the number of people. Every trip is unique as the people who want to travel with us. Our goal is to plan the route based on the needs and preferences of our travelers and make their dream come true!

How do I know that your partners are paid fairly?

This is clear from the way you make your payment. We have chosen a business model that allows our partners to estimate and set their own fee, which the traveler gives directly to them. Routes for good adds the management fee (+ 8%) on top instead of extracting it from them. Therefore, you know exactly where your money goes.

Are your trips dangerous?

The areas we visit are remote and off the beaten path, but this does not mean that they are dangerous. After all, our partners are locals and know better than anyone how to organize a safe trip and how to cope with anything that arises during it. Our guides take every measure to create a sense of security in our travelers and to avoid any situation that may adversely affect our journey.

Can I travel with children;

Destinations are not unsuitable for children; on the contrary we believe that it is very useful and educational for people to be exposed from an early age to different cultures and situations. We can design the trip so that it includes child-friendly and fun activities. However, the traveler should keep in mind that the areas we operate are remote and hardly accessible with long road routes on bad roads. Also, the services and facilities regarding accommodation and food are basic.